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Conversations with GIA: Wednesday, February 24, 11:00-12:00 PM PST: Reimagining Oral Healthcare for Our Nation’s Seniors.

Every day 10,000 people turn 65. In 2012, 13.7% of the population was 65 and older; by 2040, this number will grow to 21%, putting an enormous strain on our healthcare delivery system. Poor oral healthcare is a significant health issue for older adults who already face a spectrum of challenges ranging from basic needs such as food, housing, transportation, and fixed incomes to more complex concerns such as managing chronic medical conditions. The Gary and Mary West Senior Dental Center, scheduled to open in mid-2016, will be a unique community dental clinic that combines access to high-quality, affordable oral healthcare integrated with comprehensive clinical and social services provided to seniors within an existing senior center. The goal is to ensure seniors achieve and maintain long-term dental health, regardless of their ability to pay for services, and will focus on oral health education and improving oral health literacy. Panelists will discuss how the Senior Dental Center hopes to reimagine how we provide oral healthcare for our nation’s seniors and the role that funders can have in achieving this goal.

Karen Becerra, DDS, MPH, CEO and Dental Director, The Gary and Mary West Senior Dental Center
Vyan Nguyen, MD, Program Officer, The Gary and Mary West Foundation

John Feather, PhD, CEO, Grantmakers in Aging

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GRANTEE SPOTLIGHT- Urgent Matters Publishes West Health Institute’s Overview of Home-based Healthcare Options at the Emergency Department

Urgent MattersUrgent Matters, a leading academic dissemination vehicle for strategies on emergency department (ED) patient flow and quality, has published the West Health Institute’s “Overview of Options for Home-based Healthcare at the Emergency Department,” a briefing prepared in advance of the institute’s recent Advisory Council meeting on advancing the use of home-based care alternatives to hospital admission for patients in the Emergency Department.

The following overview was prepared in advance of a meeting hosted by the Institute with a diverse group of healthcare leaders to develop a national action plan which enables more seniors to safely go home after an emergency room visit, rather than be admitted to the hospital.

Experts and seniors themselves say home-based care can be a more effective way to treat patients with certain diagnoses, while helping lower the costs of healthcare. The Institute will continue to work with Urgent Matters on promotion of alternatives to admission at the ED.

An Overview of Options for Home-based Healthcare at the Emergency Department

Please click here to see the publication at Urgent Matter’s website – you can also download it as a PDF.

Urgent Matters, from George Washington University’s School of Medicine & Health Sciences, serves as a portal for innovative flow strategies, creating a central resource for hospital staff to discover field-tested initiatives that can be tailored to their organization.

GRANTEE SPOTLIGHT- Should Medicare Cover Everyone? Read National Affairs article from West Health’s Chris Pope about Lessons Learned from Medicare’s Single-Payer Experience

Capture GMWF web page_NationalAffairs_Chris PopeMedicare’s Single-Payer Experience

By CHRIS POPE, West Health Policy Center

Advocates of single-payer health care in the United States often argue as though there has never been an experiment with a single-payer system in America. But the Medicare system, which provides health coverage to Americans over the age of 65, has been just such an experiment for decades. And the results make for a powerful case against a single-payer system and for consumer choice and competition as the path to higher-value coverage and care.

Please click here to read this article by Chris Pope of the West Health Policy Center.