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KPBS story on Foundation grantee, The Gary and Mary West Senior Dental Center

Clinic Restores San Diego Seniors’ Smiles With Much-Needed Dental Care

Monday, March 6, 2017
By Kenny Goldberg

Shirley Ruiz has terrible teeth. She never really took care of them.

“Not brushing regularly. I didn’t really floss, ’cause my teeth were really crooked,” Ruiz explained. “And so it was hard to get the dental floss in there and that. And so, yeah, tooth decay. And really not eating right, neither.”

But thanks to the Senior Dental Center in downtown San Diego, Ruiz is getting a set of new teeth.

Dr. Vicki Petropolous makes sure the so-called “partials” fit just right.

“Shirley here is missing some teeth,” Petrpolous said. “So we’re making her partials on the top and the bottom, and today we’re doing what’s called the tooth try-in visit.”

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